Offshoots released

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Appena rilasciato sul nostro sito di progetti Offshoots in versione 1.0 per Mac OSX.

Offshoots anima il vostro desktop facendoci crescere sopra degli alberi! E inseguono il vostro mouse!

PS 15/04: Offshoots aggiornato alla versione 1.1 e rilasciato come doppio eseguibile: stand–alone e screensaver.

Fatto anche filmatino dimostrativo:


Beautiful! But...

David - 12 apr 2007 13:05

...can Offshoots be installed as a screen saver instead of a standalone app? I'd rather give it the full screen to work with than have it working behind the other windows I have open....

Beautiful, beautiful work, though! : )


Matteo - 12 apr 2007 13:48

Hello David and thanks.
As I said answering to a comment on the project's site, I'm already working on the screensaver version :)

hide logo

Bab - 13 apr 2007 01:59

thanx for a nice program.
However, the "" stamp in the left corner of the screen spoils quite a bit.
Could you please make it an option to hide the logo?
Those who want to see your site can be notified through "About Offshoots" in the Offshoots menu.

re: hide logo

Matteo - 16 apr 2007 01:27

hi bab, thanks for your feedback. I've slightly lowered the alpha for the stamp and the screensaver version doesn't have it.


Jonathan - 19 apr 2007 04:39

Such a lovely application you've created! Thank you for all your efforts.

lost control

Trevor - 24 apr 2007 11:05

I love how this looks, but i chose always keep on top to see what it would look like and now it has covered everything and I can't change it, because it stays on top of the preference window. Help!

re:lost control

Matteo - 24 apr 2007 13:43

I'm sorry that happened: you're supposed to lower the alpha of the window or disabling "fill the background" *before* putting the window "always on top". The easiest fix is to delete the app's preferences located in your Home folder at Library/Preferences/net.digitalwaters.Offshoots.plist.

This issue has already been solved for the forthcoming next release.
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