SVG/JQuery Timeline
As I promised, here's the first release of my SVG/JQuery timeline, I think it's nice and optimal to display curriculum informations (at least, I used in order to do so!).

What do you need in order to make it work: the timeline script, jQuery, jQueryUI and jQuery SVG. Include all the script in the header section of the page, paying attention to mantain script priority (include jQuery first, then jQueryUI, jQuery SVG and dwtimeline!). The script attach code to a div the id="timeline", so you have to add the div itself to the page. It's possible to make the timeline scrollable by setting a containing div css style to "overflow:scroll".

Even if it's only an experiment (although functional!), I'm working to produce a real jQuery plugin with chainability and all the other jQuery stuffs I like so much. u_u

If you like it, please share your appreciation via Twitter or Facebook!

Licenza Creative CommonsDownload the source code here.

See a functional example here on my about page.
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Summer holidays in Apulia
As I already wrote, I spent these summer holidays with some friends of mine in Apulia. It was a lovely lovely vacation on the beach and I also wrote an entire gallery system to show all the charming panoramas we admired! :D

I know...all the gallery system is still a bit..."rickety"...but I wrote all the gallery and its management in a rush (as a matter of fact, it only took me an afternoon and it usually takes too much time for me to decide about the graphics! ;)) without using plugins. The gallery embeds a thumbnail generation system based on PHP GD2 module, which provides not only a resized version of the original uploaded image but also a Polaroid version too for presentation in blog posts.

Back to the holidays: we really enjoyed the time we spent together, we saw the famous Trulli all along the highway, we bathed in a clear and sparkling sea and then we danced the sound of "Pizzica" music in Gallipoli! :D To remember all this fun and beauty during the winter days, I'll take a look to the gallery I just wrote. ;)

Sunset in Porto Cesario
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