Timelining my life, a brand new about page!
Ahhh the summer holidays!!! Waiting for the sand and the sea, I started (and finished too!) a brand new project I'll be publishing shortly for free on these pages. :) 

I observed this blog has no about I made one, taking inspiration from a (really static) timeline a saw some time ago to decorate the page. First I tried to use gRaphael to make popups and rects using SVG but I just couldn't achieve the style I thought about, since IMHO gRaphael has a very strange behaviour sometimes and I felt like I had too little control over the code effects (and as a matter of fact, over the code itself!). So during the past night I completely rewrote gRaphael functionalities using jQuerySVG: the resulting work (with quite-optimal cross browser interoperability) is currently visible in the about page. It really took me a bit of time to figure out how to adapt the size of the popups to the text inside and how to add every effect but, I must admit, the overlook just made me happy! :D  I think I will publish "dwTimeline" project under the "Attribution - Not commercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Unported" licence.

Today I also added the pagination at the end of the layout, so now just two posts per page are visible. ;)

Click here to see the project and the about page
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Where did the projects go?
For all those landed on the blog looking for MacOSX software, It's still available for download on projects page (I'm writing a plain link here, since I'm still thinking about a menu design for the blog :P).
Honestly, there is not so much time to continue MacOSX development and testing because, as I already pointed out, I'm currenty enrolled in a fulltime job: however, I'd like to present something new in the next days. :)

In the meantime, I've added "Like" and "Share" buttons and a comment counter to posts. I'm planning to add a captcha plugin too, just to stop the spam through the comment form. ;) I already had an idea for the "About" page (maybe featuring a short resumee -  and this is currently under development!) and for a small gallery just to show some graphics I made in the past months. I really *do hope* to have the time (and the patience! :P) to develop this all (for sure I have!!!).

Now it's time to bed. Goodnight!
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