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Ideas for grown up cosplayers
Last Saturday, I was at "Romics", a great manga-and-cosplay based show in Rome. Looking around, I could recognize only cosplays from great 80 and 90 movies, since I'm not so up-to-date with the newest manga publications. This morning, thinking about the great time I had there with my friends, I thought about the poor presence of game cosplays: as a matter of fact, we only saw a Warcraft troll, some Lara Croft wandering around, a Zelda and some cubes from Minecraft. :S

I suppose Romics audience was too young to remember other game glories (or maybe I am definitely grown up!) but with the Lucca Games and Comics incoming, I think it would be a great idea to make a cosplay "from grown up for grown up".

Do you remember "Legend of Kyrandia"? It would be a great three-friend cosplay (better if you have a juggling one)! :)

And what about "Lemmings"? You could take a bunch of friend with you. :P Monkey Island would be a great three-characters cosplay too ("You fight like a dairy farmer. - How appropriate. You fight like a cow!"). I suppose my favourite one could be "Riven", with a full grown-up Catherine: here a notebook filled up with D'ni signs should definetly do the trick! ;)

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