A new layout!
So here we are again with another blog layout and another language. :) After digging into Ruby on Rails development and layouts with gradients I decided to make a little step backward in order to better understand some RoR mechanichs (I think!) I didn't understand well. In addition, since I started to work fulltime after my computer science graduation, I can spend only a little time to improve and try to fully understand a brand new language developing my blog on an hosting still a little...undecided about the Rails version to adopt!
Searching for a PHP framework to start anew I came across CakePHP: I know it's not so secure to share one's technology all over the world but I'll contravene all my principles in order to share this incredible finding.
First of all, CakePHP is so similar to Rails! Well, as a matter of fact, it's just like Rails, except it's written in PHP. We can recognize routing mechanisms, MVC architecture and sometimes also the same directory structure and file naming conventions (and CakePHP also relays on "convention over configuration" rule).
First, I thought that an entire framework could be so much expensive to use only for a blog; after a while, I began to regret RoR's scaffolding, since it really cut outs all the coding hard work and leaves all the fun to develop new functions.
Also, I like to have my blog secure so I really do care about data sanitization, adding slashes, removing slashes and so on, so I quickly realized that I had to stop reinventing the wheel again and again (and writing the same functions, even if it's so old fashioned!) and I had to use everything I learned in university courses about MVC not only with Java and Ruby on Rails but with the good old PHP too.
Developing this blog only took a week, 2 hours of development everyday after the dinner: I think it's a big result and these pages really show how a quick development could be achieved with a PHP framework.
I think (and hope!) this coding experience will be productive for a future RoR development, since advanced topics too can be understood in a known language: sometime making a step backward can be a good run-up. :)
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