About Juna
80's born, nerdish, always devoted to curiosity girl from Rome. Ate a lot of books, devoured home encyclopedia, led her first steps programming at age of six (thanks to daddy!) with a Commodore64 and a handful of BASIC.
Enjoyed adventure games during the high school, really lived in a MMORPG after lectures at University (and finally got her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering while working too!). Grown up with Windows OS, managed to buy her first Mac in 2003, felt in love with Obj-C and Cocoa and met an extraordinary friend who made InstantShot!, FastIcns and all the other projects (top download and staff pick for a while on Apple software page) possible. Meanwhile, she also met PHP/MySQL and become interested in web development and graphics, a love that still grows today with a jQuery integration.
Currently she really enjoys learning more about NoSQL databases (recently she bought a book concerning the topic), Arduino (but she still has some issue with circuit boards!) and publish new small projects and posts in the free time (including this about page!).
Oh and she also lives with two cats, Rajah and Dharma.
For questions and infos, please contact her at info [at] or follow her on Twitter. :)