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Not only a birthdate...

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Last year I choose a peculiar "packaging" to design a birthday illustration.

This year I illustrated digitalwaters with a magazine "ad hoc". :D

Not only a birthdate... :D

We're back!

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Here we are, back from Ireland. A fantastic journey and a very delightful vacation. Soon photos and reviews.

Gentle breeze at dawn

I wake up, realizing I need
to abruptly turn in the bed.

It's nearly dark, a timid light
on shapes of cats on your bed.

I turn. You wake up and feel the urge
to suddenly turn in the bed too.

We're facing each other, a little confused
but happy to find the other just there.

I smile and give you a good morning kiss
you playfully try to evade, smiling too.

We embrace, your warmth as a defense
from the gentle breeze I feel behind.

Kisses, love, until we are again sleeping
still embraced and totally exhausted.

Best way to wake up and be dazed all day.

Intimate thoughts

When we began to think about creating this site, Juna and I were both quite convinced we could've carried on the blog in both italian and english. But time for exact translations was never enough and we were always facing difficulties in expressing our extemporaneous thoughts twice and in two different languages, of which one of them far from being perfectly known.

So our english section has been left nearly empty, to our own displeasure. Now I'm thinking about reviving it a little but, not wanting to make a short-legged vow, I'm not pretending to begin today translations or double postings; on the opposite I'm thinking about adding new, original and hopefully interesting content, about our most intimate thoughts.

A lot of people we know read this blog, in its italian version: we've lost a chance to have a sort of private hermitage where we could write whatever crosses our minds, be it good or bad also to that same people we know and that reads this blog. Maybe we can use this english section like that, maybe not, but I'm tempted: we'll see.

New layout!

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I'm quite proud to show you all our last modifications to our site's layout!

It took me some two days but I think it was well worth it. Fortunately at least for the calendar I could use Juna's one!

There're more things to unveil, but I hope our fans are satisfied for now Laughing

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