InstantShot! v2.4

Juna - 27 Dec 2006 02:20

5 March '07: the project has moved to our new site dedicated to our projects. Please refer to the new site for the documentation and the download. This page is going to be substituted soon or later with a more technical view of the project.



21 January '07: v2.2 update:

  • you can cover your wallpaper or the whole desktop;
  • added some localizations;
  • bugfixes.

30 January '07: update to the 2.2 version:

  • added the German localization. 


Do you often use screenshot software and feel that something is missing? Don't you feel like they're not so efficient and that they are way too complicated? Tired of long menus? If you answered "yes" to one or more questions, InstantShot! is the software for you!


InstantShot!: the answer to your screencapturing troubles in just a few Kbytes.


What are the features of InstantShot! ?

InstantShot! offers classical screenshot functionality for capturing the whole screen, a portion of it or a window and also the option to make timed screenshots or to make delayed captures over time.


How does InstantShot! works?

InstantShot! creates an icon in the menu bar. Clicking on the icon, a menu will appear. Select the capture type from the menu (whole screen, a portion of screen, timed screenshot or multiple captures) or, if you want to change the save format, select the desired one from the submenus and then... capture!

How can I capture a portion of screen?

Simply select from the menu the option "Shoot inside a rect" or directly the format you want to save to from the submenu. Click on the screen and drag the mouse to cover the area you want to screenshot.
While you're dragging, a tooltip will always show the size of the portion of the screen you're going to capture. Simple, isn't it?

Can I grab the picture of an application window?

Yes! You can choose "Shoot inside a rect" and you'll be able to choose a window on screen if you've enabled Universal Access' services OR the alternate method from the InstantShot!'s preferences' panel. Notice that only with the Universal Access' services enabled the chosen window will be brought in front! Also notice that the alternate method is to be considered experimental and is discouraged as it could stop working on future releases of Mac OSX.


What if I want to abort a "Shoot inside a rect" operation?

You just have to press Esc or Command-. (period) : InstantShot! will abort the operation!


Which image formats are supported?

InstantShot! is capable to save images in Tiff, Jpg and Png format and to the clipoard so you can import the image directly in other applications.


I've just captured the screen but I can't find the produced file anywhere.

Select the "Reveal path in Finder" item in the menu and you'll find where the last images are stored. You'll never loose screenshots again!


What preferences can I change in InstantShot! ?

InstantShot! is highly customizable. You can choose:

  • the path to save the captures to;
  • the distinguishing prefix for the saved images;
  • the compression level for the Jpg format;
  • whether a sound should be played after a capture;
  • if the mouse pointer should be included in the screenshots;
  • the delay for a single timed capture or multiple captures;
  • if InstantShot! should automatically start after login;
  • if it should immediately start shooting multiple captures.


Will instantshot! occupy space on my desktop?

Absolutely not! InstantShot! doesn't appear in your dock or on your desktop! 

Will I able to use InstantShot! on my MacIntel?

Yes: InstantShot! has been released as a Universal Binary!

In what languages is InstantShot! available?

The software is currently available in English, Italian, Traditional Chinese, French, Japanese and German. Contact us if you'd like to contribute a localization!


Special thanks to:

Claudio & Marco, for betatesting on Intel platforms.

NitocTaiwan, for Traditional Chinese localization.

Michel Tribet, for the French localization.

Dms, for the Japanese localization.

Jürgen Obermayer,  for the German localization.


barra spaziatrice

phill - 27 Dec 2006 10:43

bello il vs programma, peccatto che non ce il comandi cattura finestra (barra spaziatrice) se ce anche questo diventa fantastico !


davide - 15 Jan 2007 12:56

Gran bel proggramma, complimenti e grazie!


wilhel1812 - 15 Jan 2007 20:48

Hi! i don't understand this language, but i hope it's possible to give request for future features here.

When i used windows, i used an application called imageshack quick shot. It took pictures of your screen, but it also automatically uploaded the pics to imageshack. if this is easy to code, i think a lot of people would be glad. i've been looking for this for mac for a long time.

if you didn't understand a shit of my crappy language, you can mail me at wilhel1812 [ at ] gmail

re: Hello

Matteo - 16 Jan 2007 02:51

hello wilhel. Maybe you've not noticed but this article is available in English too, through the British flag in the upper right corner.
Anyway, we thank you for your feedback. We'll investigate the matter for a future release.

Great program

jazz-maido - 22 Jan 2007 18:18

Thank you for this very useful program....
I insalled it, and enjoy it already

Heaven-sent Software

Peter D - 22 Jan 2007 19:45

Literally yesterday I decided that I needed a way to take a picture of my screen every 5 minutes so that I would be able to better remember my activities so that I could accurately bill my clients. I searched the Internet but all screen capture programs were either for older Macs or cost a lot of money. Then today I saw a link to your program on The Unofficial Apple Weblog. That is kismet! Thank you for a wonderful, easy program!

multiple monitors

wil s - 22 Jan 2007 21:58

doesn't seem to work on multiple monitors
am I missing how to do this?

captures multiples dans un un

eliot - 23 Jan 2007 10:54

bien ...
mais un plus qui démarquerait des autres utilitaires de ce type, serait de pouvoir lancer des captures multiples dans un un rectangle ...

re: monitors & rectangles

Matteo - 23 Jan 2007 13:36

Thanks for your feedbacks!
We'll probably add support for multiple monitors on the next release.
We were already thinking about using rectangles for the timed shots, so it will be a feature to look for in the next release too.

Suggestions for next release

Scott - 23 Jan 2007 17:03

Great app, thanks! Here are a few ideas for the future:

Customizable keyboard shortcuts for the screen captures, so we can avoid mousing through your menus for each capture.

Allow the capture sound to be set by the user (I'd prefer a quick "click" to that clanking sound).

Remember the rectangle from the last capture, so if you're capturing the same spot repeatedly, the user doesn't have to keep re-drawing it.

re: suggestions

Matteo - 23 Jan 2007 20:30

Thanks Scott. We were already thinking about the "previous rectangle" feature. We'll also keep your other suggestions in high consideration!

Everyone: we're finding a new hosting solution for our projects as this unexpected popularity has outrun our current server's limits. In the meanwhile please do use the MacUpdate's mirror they are kindly offering us.

feature request

David K - 23 Jan 2007 21:26

Love the way this app works. I have one request which is a preference to prompt for filename after each capture.


re: feature request

Matteo - 23 Jan 2007 23:31

no problem!

Clipboard format

Jessica - 24 Jan 2007 06:42

Very valuable program. It appears that images captured to the clipboard are only in .tiff format which can't be used by a program I am using (ScreenSteps). Would it be possible to have a preference item for the clipboard format? Thanks.

How quick?

Andrew - 24 Jan 2007 23:40

How fast is this capable of taking screenshots? Because I set the multiple-shots mode it to 1/8 second intervals, and it wasn't keeping up.

re: clipboard & quickness

Matteo - 25 Jan 2007 02:40

@Jessica: I've just finished studying the problem, the option will surely be in the next version.

@Andrew: the gap you put is between the end of one shot and the start of the next one, otherwise if too short it would clog your machine. On my machine (a G4 1.67Ghz 1440x900) a shot takes between 0.1 and 0.2 seconds. The feature is actually thought to work in medium-to-long intervals (like 5 seconds to 5 minutes): when you put a very short interval the performance totally depends on your system's power. Also note that while choosing a compressed format (jpg) increases the time spent to compress the image, the data written to disk is much less.

Filename Prompt

Scott - 27 Jan 2007 01:31

If you add the prompt for filename, it would make a great app a perfect app!!!

Mirror link?

Darryl - 1 Feb 2007 16:53

I'll look for the MacUpdate mirror. It would definitely help your bandwidth to have a direct download link for various mirrors on this page.

I found this application from the Apple pages. Thanks!

Versiontracker mirror

Darryl - 1 Feb 2007 17:02

I found the page on Versiontracker for this application.

re: mirror

Matteo - 1 Feb 2007 21:49

Darryl, thanks for the link, I put it up myself and it's not pointing at any other mirror than our very one. The only other mirror apart from ours tha I know of is that of MacUpdate.
Anyway, our local mirror (on 110mb) should work perfectly now.

Kudos and feature request

George - 5 Feb 2007 05:57

Thanks for a very useful piece of software.
The long interval between multiple shots is exactly what I was looking for.

Would like to be able to make multiple shots of a specific part of the screen.
Start multiple shots inside rect>

re: feature request

Matteo - 5 Feb 2007 13:41

thanks for your feedback George. As a matter of fact we're already working on that feature for the next version :)

timing in multiple shot mode

macosnoob - 8 Feb 2007 00:52

Why does the time vary between shots when using "multiple shots"? When I set the "multiple shots every..." preference to 5 seconds and timestamp the images (with the ":t" setting in preferences), most images are 5 seconds apart, but some are 6 seconds. The same thing happens if I set the preference to 10 seconds: most images are 10 seconds apart, but some are 11. My CPU in Activity Monitor is fine--never more than 15% (on a MacBookPro, 2Ghz, 1M RAM).

I wanted to take the images from InstantShot! and make them into a movie using QuickTime's "Open Image Sequence..." command, but InstantShot!'s multiple shot timing doesn't seem regular enough to do it.

Even so, this is a handy application!

re: timing

Matteo - 8 Feb 2007 02:11

thanks for your feedback. Please read the previous comment "re: clipboard & quickness". You're actually setting an interval between the end of a shot (grab & save to disk with compression) and the start of the next one, so the timing can't never be very precise.
We're considering to put an option for "exact timings" but I think it may be dangerous for very short intervals - it may very well hang your computer or expose unexpected problems. And anyway I guess that really exact timings would be utopian to achieve no matter what.


rafael - 13 Feb 2007 21:43

Im from brazil! and i use stant shot!
Geeting from brazil!

Capture a menu?

Meromo - 20 Feb 2007 10:35

Lovely app - and I second Scott's suggestions above.
I'm trying to capture a rectangle of iTune's File menu - any idea how I could do that?


Re: capture a menu

Matteo - 1 Mar 2007 02:52

Sorry for the late answer.
Stay tuned for the next version due very soon as it will be probably more appropriate for you problem. With the current version I'd use the timed grab to capture the whole screen to the clipboard while the menu is open and then I'd crop the image in Preview or ImageWell.


Michael - 14 May 2007 14:53

Just would like to say thanks a bunch for this great little tool! Small - Fast - Awesome ;-)

Cheers from Germany,

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