Matteo - 29 Jul 2005 01:58

A multiplatform application to quickly view images.

Especially created to read digitalized comics.

Among others, PNG, JPG and GIF formats are supported and images can also be read from ZIP, JAR and RAR files.

For now it's only available the Mac OS X (10.2 and above) and the plain Java version (without the native library to read inside RAR files). Full sources are also available (the package contains also the png lib and the Java part of the unrar lib).

A Windows version will be available soon.

The plain Java version should work on every system with JRE 1.4 or above. Just copy all files in a folder and type from there:

java -Xmx256M -jar JavaImg.jar

where 256M is the maximum memory you want available for the application (the actual needed memory depends from the images you want to read).

To use the application, just drag one or more files or folders in the main window or into the app's icon or in the dialog open by File -> Open. If you drag a single file, the app will open all files and folders in the same folder. If you drag one or more archives or folders or more than one file, the app will open just the dragged items.

The functions and the commands available are listed in the panel shown/hidden by clicking the ' ? ' in the command panel or by pressing ' h '. The panels and the image can be dragged with the mouse.

To read the images I used the free libraries Imagero Reader, Sixlegs' PNG and UnRARLib (with its Java port). They are included.



Schölli - 22 Jan 2007 13:22

Is this icon stolen from the rpg "secret of mana" for the SNES?!?
It looks so familiar to me...

re: Icon

Matteo - 22 Jan 2007 13:39

I sincerely don't know. I've found it years ago while looking for my nickname "djinn" in google images and used it as an icon for this simple project only because I was too lazy to create an icon for it...
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