Ajax Calendar

Matteo - 23 Sep 2006 19:00

We already presented some days ago our new calendar in Ajax technology. You can appreciate it in all its glory in the left column of our site. Now we're releasing its source code, commented in Italian and English, for the pleasure of everyone :)

The package contains the php source of the calendar (ajax_calendar.php), a sample style sheet (ajax_calendar.css), a sample background image used in the css (calBg.png) and some using example (sample.php).

To use this calendar in a page you need to:

  • check the ajax_calendar.php script for possible modifications, especially to generate events and their URLs and to init the database connections;
  • at the beginning of the page containing the calendar, set the locale to the desired one for the months' names and week days' names with setlocale(LC_ALL, locale_name) (optional);
  • inside the <head> tag of the page, insert a "echo AddCalHelperScript();" to add the needed javascript functions and the style sheet;
  • inside the <body> of the page insert a "echo GetCompleteCalendar();" to insert the starting calendar with everything needed.

Done. So, a child's play, don't you think?

(as usual the license is Creative Commons BY NC SA)

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