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Version: 1.4 BETA
File Size: 340 Kb
Mac OSX 10.6 ONLY - Intel 32/64bit
(Standalone app + screen saver)

Version: 1.3
File Size: 332 Kb
Mac OSX 10.4+ - Universal Binary
(Standalone app + screen saver)

Version: 1.0
File Size: 172 Kb
Mac OSX 10.4+ - Universal Binary
(Standalone app only)

Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) versions here: kindly translated by Nitoc.



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Version 1.4b:
— only working on OS X 10.6 on Intel 32bit/64bit
— fixed screensaver for OS X 10.6 (64bit)
— fixed performance issues on OS X 10.6

Version 1.3:
— presets: import and export
— some tweaking of parameters
— div by zero crash fix

Version 1.2:
— new "screen saver mode"
— presets: mantain different configurations
— some new parameters
— memory allocation fixed
— always on top fixed

Version 1.1:
— new screen saver version
— some new parameters and customizable colors
— new setting to change the window's level
— new setting to follow a random point instead of the mouse