~ About FastIcns 3.1 ~

How does FastIcns works?

Pick your favourite file, folder or image and drag it over the cube; check the preview and then double-click the cube to save as an icns file, as a resource–fork–only file or as a PNG image. Or you can drop another file holding the Command key to assign it the icon.

Which kind of image formats are supported?

FastIcns supports all common image formats, including transparent images and Windows’ icons. Just try it! ;)

What happens if I drag–in a generic file or folder?

Its icon is captured in order to proceed to icon generation. It can be useful if you want to convert icons from a format to the other.

What’s an icns file useful for?

You can provide it as an icon for a bundle. For example, Mac OS X applications use this format for their icons.

What’s an icon in a resource–fork–only file useful for?

That is the kind of file you'll find for example on interfacelift.com to distribute icons, as these files provide an immediate preview in the Finder and are easy to copy icons from. So this is the format recommended to distribute your icons too!

I see my picture rotated in FastIcns. What can I do?

The Edit menu contains some simple editing functions to rotate or flip your image before the conversion.

Can I assign the icon to an already existing file or folder?

Yes. Choose the item "Assign to file or folder" from the File menu. As a shortcut you can drag the target file or folder over the cube pressing the Command key: you'll be asked to confirm changing its icon.

Can I convert more than one file at the same time?

Yes. Enable the batch conversion mode from the menu or with Command–B and play with it: double click on the cube to configure it and drop files to create icons.

Can I change the size of the cube?

Yes. Drag it while pressing the Shift key or drag from the lower right angle.

I don't like the cube at all! I find it confusing!

You can disable the cube from the Edit menu (or Command–G): no cube anymore!

Can I change the sizes of the saved icons?

Yes. From the Save dialog, choose "Dimensions" and you'll be able to choose which sizes to save. Notice that 256x256 and 512x512 formats are totally experimental and were not tested as Mac OS X 10.4 doesn't support them.

~ About the authors ~

The original FastIcns 1.0 and the icons were made by Juna. Versions 2.0 and 3.0 were made by Matteo.

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